Optimization Analysis

This is probably the most important step in the process of referencing and optimization a website. This assessment will ensure rapid progress and the website and will avoid unnecessary expenses.

The purpose of this step is to establish a detailed assessment of the current behavior of your website and rank on different search engines according to keywords and to develop a list of work to perform SEO for best visibility of the website.


  • Identify target customers on the web.
  • Identifying potential keywords from the field of activity, the target audience and keyword relevance.
  • Evaluate the results obtained from the development and implementation of a series of tests and simulations include the website.
  • Identify anomalies and problems that block the visibility of the website.
  • Create a list of SEO work to be performed to maximize visibility and maximize results.
  • Develop a strategy of optimization.
  • Write a final report and hand over it.